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Mastermind Group Testimonial

Tamara Johnston Owner, Reverie Retreat

"I participated in a NAWBO Mastermind group for two years as my project went from concept to development, and I found my weekly connection to women business owners to be an invaluable tool to keep me on track, motivated, and inspired, even when my project had seemingly stalled (it is now moving forward again). And even if I didn’t always have my own issue to bring to the table, I *always* learned something from the issues and challenges of the other women business owners and the ideas and resources that everyone in the group brought to the table. And the fact that all of the participants were women helped keep the interaction and communication supportive, rather than competitive."

Professional Development

Mastermind is a content-rich, empowering and proven program to grow your business sales and profits and enjoy increased freedom as a business owner. Think of what can happen when you are a part of a powerful group of smart women business owners who are committed and passionate about growing and sustaining their own business AND also lean on each other, give advice, share connections and support you in your efforts to be successful, too. If you’ve been looking for the “Board of Directors” and support for growing your business the right way, NAWBO’s MASTERMIND GROUP is your opportunity

Our Mastermind group is a facilitated in-person, peer-to-peer mentoring advisory group driven by its own agenda based on participants’ needs and goals. The magic of the Mastermind is that it creates a trusted community of peer advisors, drawing on each other’s experience, skills and wisdom, the diversity of their perspectives, their desire to learn and united by the same goal – to be successful and to help each other advance – raise the bar – be audaciously bold – be accountable to each other to keep focused and on track. When a small group of committed business women comes together empowered to explore their realities, challenge themselves with frank and loving candor, become comfortable with the uncomfortable, and uncomfortable with the comfortable, the possibilities for success are limitless!! Become a Mastermind participant and you will most likely see a marked change in yourself and your business.

The Mastermind Group meeting is guided by a professional facilitator who helps foster a safe environment so that we can challenge and stretch beyond our fears and self-doubts. Our facilitator is Diane Garga, a member of our NAWBO Chapter and a professional certified leadership coach. She collaborates with the participants to set up each meeting’s agenda and topics for discussion, keeps the meeting focused, encourages invigorating brainstorming for ideas and solutions, promotes learning and growth mindsets, draws out the group’s wisdom, and advocates for the success of each participant and the group.

1.Women and members only

2.Everyone is vetted. Admittance to the Mastermind requires application and approval by our team

3.Maximum of 8 people to ensure connection and value

4.Focus on personal and professional growth

5.Business and leadership development content is included in each meeting

6.Clear and defined structure during our meetings maximize effectiveness and value to you

7.Our facilitator is Diane Garga, a member of our NAWBO Chapter and a professional certified leadership coach. Our members are successful local entrepreneurs with broad expertise in business and a variety of life experiences. Diane Garga keeps conversations on topic and of high value, ensuring everyone has a chance to speak and to listen.

1.Ideas and resources to advance your business

2.Leadership development.

3.Goal setting and accountability

4.Out of the box thinking.

5.Focus on problem solving/brainstorming.

6.Risk-taking and decision-making support.

7.Connection with other women.

8.A consistent group of trusted advisors.

Our women-only Mastermind is designed to benefit all women at any stage of life, no matter where you’re at with your business or career. Rather than focusing exclusively on business issues and advice, we also focus on leadership development to advance personal and professional growth.

Our members include:

1.Start-Up Entrepreneurs

2.Small business owners and managers

3.Corporate managers

4.Non-profit managers

5.Corporate and non-profit executives and managers

6.Home-based entrepreneurs

7.Young women early in their careers

8.Women mid-career looking for advancement or change

9.Women considering exit strategies or transitioning to semi-retirement

Membership is by application and reviewed by the Mastermind Facilitator. Once accepted, you will be invoiced for full program $550 and payment is due on or before the date of the first session. We meet in-person for 2.5 hours once a month for the six-month program

For queries related to mastermind program, please email to -